Dental's Office at Peuki of Attica
Dental's Office at Peuki of Attica
Οδοντιατρείο στη Δροσιά Αττικής
Οδοντιατρείο στη Δροσιά Αττικής
Οδοντιατρείο στη Δροσιά Αττικής
Dental's Office at Peuki of Attica

The Dental Office

The Dental Clinic of Orthodontics – Surgery has been operating since 2016 and is located in Drosia, Attica, in a quiet neighborhood, just a street from the central square of Drosia. Easy access through major highways such as the National Road, ensures quick access from any area within Attica or even if you came from the province. The quiet location of the doctor’s office offers great comfort to park your car and relieves you of the stress of parking. Access by M.M.M. It is also extremely easy as the doctor’s office is served at a distance of 30 meters from 2 OASA lines with direct connection to neighboring neighborhoods such as Kifissia, Nea Erithraia, Anoixi and Agios Stefanos.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy that characterizes us is described in the following axes:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis
  • Informing patients both before and during treatment
  • Use of machines and mechanisms of the latest technology and top quality
  • Adherence to the highest standards in the sterilization of tools
  • Proper disinfection of all common areas of the doctor’s office
  • Accuracy in the prescribed treatment time
  • Minimize waiting for scheduled appointments
  • Pleasant environment of the doctor’s office
  • Individual therapeutic approach for each patient

Immediate treatment of the emergency for the relief of the patient.

The Team