Metal Braces

Braces – Titanium Brackets

In our office we use orthodontic braces, quite small and discreet in size compared to what is on the market. So they are much more comfortable during the treatment. The metal braces we use are made of either medical stainless steel or titanium.

More specifically, titanium orthodontic brackets are made of the most biologically acceptable metal for the human body. Titanium is used in medicine in many surgical applications. In addition, it offers better adhesion to the teeth which helps in less detached brackets during the treatment and thus faster progress of the treatment. It does not contain nickel, which is rarely able to cause allergies of the oral mucosa. Finally, it is friendlier to the tooth enamel when detached from the teeth at the end of the treatment, as it is a softer metal.

All mechanisms used in addition to the brackets are manufactured in a specialized external orthodontic dental laboratory by an orthodontic dental technologist. The materials used follow all European Union safety guidelines. Each device is made exclusively for each patient and is not reused. The paints chosen during the manufacture of acrylics are non-toxic and the mechanisms are disinfected before delivery to our patients.

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