Multiple tooth extractions and alveolar surgery

Many times, after the extractions of the teeth, the healing of the jaw bone does not take place smoothly and so the denture, although it has been adjusted by the dentist, cannot be applied properly. Thus, either in the same session with the extractions when the abnormalities are very marked or after the appropriate period of time for the bone regeneration to be completed, the abnormalities of the alveoli can be corrected (alveolar surgery).

The operation of extraction and alveolar surgery is simple, fast, painless and is performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. After the anesthesia of the area, the extractions are performed and if it has been deemed necessary, the grinding of the bone abnormalities in the extraction areas (alveolar surgery).

Immediately after the end of the operation and the suturing, the immediate denture is placed and thus the patient is covered both functionally and aesthetically. Gradually there is a small internal and external swelling respectively in the area of ​​the operation, a slight discomfort, even a local hematoma (bruise). Normal postoperative development presupposes the patient’s compliance with the instructions given to him. The sutures, if not absorbable, are removed in 7-10 days. After the sutures are removed and the symptoms subside, the entire denture is modified by the general dentist for better fit.

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