Orthognathic Surgery

Ορθογναθική Χειρουργική

Orthognathic Surgery – Combination of Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery

When there is important problem on the position the jaws, e.g. severe protrusion of the upper jaw and dental malocclusion, the usual orthodontic treatment with braces is not enough. In these cases, maxillofacial surgery is necessary for the correct and complete correction of the skeletal disharmony. Maxillofacial surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital.

The correct diagnosis at the start of orthodontic treatment and the simulation of the final result allows us to be sure for the progress of treatment, but also allows us to have an estimation of the final image of the patient’s face. Thus it is necessary to take initial photos and x-rays, where with the help of special software the orthodontist can simulate the final result of the treatment.

The coordination of the whole process is undertaken by the orthodontist in collaboration with the surgeon who will perform the surgical operation. The procedure usually involves preparing the mouth for some time with orthodontic mechanisms, performing orthognathic surgery and completing the orthodontic treatment continuing with the orthodontic mechanisms.

Orthognathic orthodontic treatment is selected in adults whose skeletal growth has been completed and conventional orthodontic appliances do not allow us to improve their skeletal problems. If the appearance of the face is not a major concern, but the patient is only concerned about the correct positions of the teeth, we decide together what is the most appropriate treatment for him.

Ορθογναθική Χειρουργική
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