Surgical Exposure of Impacted Teeth

Αποκάλυψη εγκλείστων δοντιών

Sometimes,  permanent teeth remain in the bone resulting in delayed or even no eruption and orthodontic abnormality. The delay in the eruption of teeth is due to various reasons such as endocrine causes, supernumerary teeth, intraosseous lesions, etc. The teeth that usually show these problems are the canines of the upper jaw, the premolars of the lower jaw as well as the lateral incisors of the lower jaw. In these cases, a combination of surgical and orthodontic methods is necessary for a successful treatment.

The procedure usually involves incision in the gums, removal of the bone covering the top of the impacted tooth and the placement of orthodontic brackets in order to apply force on these teeth and pull them into their correct position in the mouth. If there are still baby teeth they should be removed simultaneously. The patient is then referred to the orthodontist for further treatment.

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